Services Overview

Types of Projects

- Commercial
- Industrial
- Institutional
- Healthcare and Hospitals
- Universities and Schools
- Churches
- Offices and Warehouses
- Multi-tenant Residential
- Water and Wastewater Facilities
- Municipal
- Government
- Remodel and Upgrade
- New Construction

Buildings and Facilities

- Interior and Exterior Lighting
- Electrical Power Distribution
- Fire Alarm Systems 
- Telecom and Data Networks
- Heating, Ventilating, and Air 
- Domestic Water and Waste
- Installation of Specialized 
- Code Reviews and Studies
- Motor Controls
- Equipment Replacement
- Medium Voltage Electrical Power for
  On-Site Utilities
- Motor Control Centers 
- Custom Control Panels
- Emergency Power Generator Systems
- Peak Shaving and Cogeneration
- SCADA Systems
- Local Area Network Consulting

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants and Utility Infrastructure

- Electrical Power
- Emergency Power
- Motor Controls
- SCADA Systems and Custom
  I & C Control Panels 
- HVAC and Plumbing for Plant

Supporting Services

- AutoCad and Revit Drafting
- Cost Estimating
- Construction Administration Services
- As-Built Record Drafting
- SKM Short Circuit and Protective
  Coordination Studies
- Cogeneration Feasibility Studies
- Energy Studies
- Engineer-Led Design-Build

Short Circuit, equipment Coordination, and Arc-Flash Studies

Sims-Durkin Associates Engineering Company Inc. is an independent professional engineering private practice established in 1987, specializing in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and solar design engineering and related services for industrial, institutional, and commercial facility projects.

short circuit.jpg

Engineering Services

Short circuit calculations, equipment withstand evaluation, protective device coordination, and arc flash hazard analysis with labels for are prepared new and existing facilities, utilizing SKM Systems Analysis, Inc. Power Tools for Windows or ETAP software, under the supervision of licensed professional engineer. 

Short Circuit Calculations and Equipment Withstand Evaluation

Available fault currents are determined at locations of interest in the power distribution system in the event of a short circuit. Calculated short circuit values are compared against the equipment’s rated value to withstand a short circuit event without catastrophic failure.

Arc Flash PPE.jpg

Protective Device Coordination and Arc-Flash Risk Assessment

Recommended settings are provided for adjustable overcurrent protective devices, enabling the isolation of a fault to the smallest portion of the distribution system possible, and reducing large or system-wide outages. Calculated available fault current and overcurrent protective device tripping characteristics are examined to arrive at an incident energy – the level of energy available which could burn or otherwise injure an exposed worker. Custom labels comply with NEC 110.16 and NFPA 70E requirements for warning labels.