Renewable Energy Projects

Our dedicated Renewable Energy department is committed to reduce the carbon footprint on our Earth. We have designed over 200 MW of solar PV power.


indianapolis international airport solar

The complete system is capable of generating 12.5 million watts of DC (direct-current) power or 10 million watts of AC (alternating-current) power.


bloomington solar

The City of Bloomington installed solar PV system in 30 locations. The project produces around 3 MW of DC power for municipal operations.


midwest poultry

Project consists of (3) solar PV systems totally 1.1 MW-DC. Each system connected to a different electrical service in a net metering arrangement.


vectren oak hill

Utility-scale project consists of 2 MW-DC. This project is the result of a partnership with the City of Evansville through which the energy company will lease the city’s land.